MyCarRentalSoft - Car Rental Script Features to Succeed

MyCarRentalSoft - Car Rental Script Features to Succeed

Posted on Mar 05th 2019

In prior days, owning a car was considered is one of the best ways to travel a lot but the situation is fast changing. For the last decade, renting a car will offer great advantages.

Car rental platforms are evolved as a part of startups, as well as they are making their presence across the globe. If you have a planning to start a successful car rental clone, here are some business model and the website features that you should keep in mind

Business Model

The websites like Drive, Deways, Relayrides, etc offer a platform in which one can rent their car when it is lying-free. On these kinds of platforms, car owners can rent out their cars by charging a fee. The riders or renters can easily benefit from renting a car and pay according to the usage. The website admin or website owner can charge a fixed percentage of commission on every car booking.

Revenue Model

  • Commission on Booking Fee
  • The website owner can charge a booking fee on every car booking
  • Advertisements and Onsite Promotions
  • The website owner can earn by running a banner advertisement or premium car listings
  • Subscription Packages
  • Monthly or yearly subscription packages for the car owners to avail extra features

User Types

  • Car Renter

People who are looking to hire a car for rent. Users can search for their desired cars and make payments.

  • Car Owner

People who list their car, its features, and cost on the website. When a car is booked by a user the owner gets the booking request and also pays for the hired car.

  • Website Admin

The website admin can monitor and manage the users, car listings, commission, and entire functionality of the website.

Main Features of Car Rental Script

  • Multi-Language and Multi-Currency
  • Hire Cars - with the driver or without driver options
  • Hourly Rental
  • Extend Booking
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Secured Payment Gateway
  • Social Media Logins
  • SEO Supported
  • Fuel Options
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Mobile App

The above-mentioned car rental clone script features are critical in nature, and your car rental system needs all those features and functionality to run a smooth car rental software.

Do you want to build a car rental website with all the listed features? Whatever your requirements contact our team to develop  flawless car rental management software.