Car Owner Dashboard

Managing car bookings and payment transactions is made simple with our car rental software.

Car owners can stay up to date about their cars listed, transaction details, messages from the passengers, etc from the dashboard. No prior technical skills are required to update and manage your car rental platform.

Car Owner Verification

In addition, every rental platform must enable verification features for car owners too. Cars owners must be verified either through phone number (SMS) or email in order to list their cars and to have access to their account.

Admin can approve their account once after verifying these details of car owners.

Unlimited Car Listings

Get access to unlimited car listings using our car rental software. Car owners can list as many cars as they wish since there is no restriction on the number of cars to be listed by each car owner.

Both users and car owners can benefit from unlimited car listings especially when it comes to renting a car.

Car Booking Management

While listing the cars, car owners can choose their preferred mode of reservations available for the users. The two booking options are - “Instant Pay” and “Request to Pay” available in our car rental script.

Booking options must be very simple in order to save users time and it makes business operations efficient.

Availability Management

The availability and unavailability of the listed cars could be easily managed by the car owners which will help the riders in booking the cars.

Our car rental software is designed to handle all your booking availability with ease by saving time and energy. Also, this option provides all relevant data to reduce overbookings.

Special Price

Everyone wants to get some extra perks and offers which are no different in car rental platforms.

Bookings can be made special and attract more users when the car owners can use this feature to offer a special price for the selected dates as a discount. Users are more likely to choose your brand over others.

Booking Cancellation

Automate your car rental and offer a smooth customer experience. Sometimes it’s not possible for car owners to provide vehicles on scheduled time and date.

In such cases, on the basis of the cancellation policy car owners have the option to cancel any booking for the requests made by the riders/passengers.

My Reservations

Car rental owners get access to past reservations details in a single window. Here the list of cars and dates when their cars are booked by the users can be managed and viewed under my reservations.

This helps businesses to stay equipped about car rental reservations to provide better service in future bookings.

Give Your Customers a Delightful Ride Experience
Get unlimited car listings & seamless bookings using our car rental software

Manage cars listed, transaction details, and passenger messages simple with our software. Our car owner applications give complete freedom for customizations and advanced integrations.