The features to include in your car rental booking software

The features to include in your car rental booking software

Posted on Oct 09th 2019

We all are aware of how the car rental system has changed the dynamics of the cab booking system by the high volume of leaps and bounds. One of the main reasons for this tremendous growth in an online reservation is due to the convenience customer feels with the online reservation rather than the traditional method of reservation through call. If you are one of those who have the idea of starting an online car rental business, you must know what features to be included in your software.

Take a look at these features:

  • Quick Booking Functionality
  • Trip Planning Option
  • Secure Payment Gateways
  • Integration with Social Media Network
  • Feedback and Reviews
  • Different Vehicle Option
  • Autocomplete
  • Pricing and Packages

Quick Booking Functionality

The main reason why customers are switching to the online reservation system is to have convenience. If your software is not providing convenience as expected by the customers, your software could be a big failure. The booking functionality should be quick and efficient. Don’t include the complicated navigations or words from selecting the cab, address, pick-up location, etc. make sure to have simple and easy navigation within the software.

Trip Planning Option

Integrate the features which cover the needs of all the customers to plan their trip. Every customer will have different plans and so the trips. If one may need a cab for the round trip, other customers may need it one way, or local trip, outstation, etc. You need to inculcate the features which will be suitable for all the customers. This will increase the audience for your software and so the customers.

Secure Payment Gateway

Even one second of failure in redirecting payment will cause heavy loss since the customers will lose their trust and may start to feel the software is not safe and secure. The whole payment method should be integrated with secure payment gateways so the customers don’t suffer any loss when it comes to payment.

Integration with Social Media Network

To create brand awareness for your car rental management software nothing can be effective as the social media platforms. It is also the easiest way to connect with your customers and keep them updated about the software.

Feedbacks and Review

 If you want to have continuous improvement in your software and wish to have the software for the long run in the market, giving the customers an option to submit their honest reviews and feedback will help you.

Different Vehicle Option

The number of passengers traveling will absolutely vary for all the customers. If you only have the 4 seater cabs in your software, you are likely to lose the customers who want to book an 8 seater cab. Your software should have almost all types of cars for the customers to make a preferred choice.


Instead of the customers to fill out the lengthy details, be it address or any search field, integrating an autocomplete feature to reduce the headache for the customer. So, this is another feature you must include in your software.

Pricing and Packages

Disclose the information about the pricing for various packages to the customers who could know which package will be most suitable for them and for which trips.

Check our pricing plans.

Sure there are a lot of websites that are not perfect. Even the biggest rental websites are still on the road to improve on a daily basis. But trying to reducing the technical issues as much as possible will give a positive outlook. I hope your software will have the most features to compete in the market.