Must have app features in a car rental booking software

Must have app features in a car rental booking software
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Must have App Features in a Car Rental Booking Software

The car rental booking software is the main interest of the budding entrepreneurs at present. With the success of a few car rental systems, it is the focus and the area of interest of such entrepreneurs. If you are thinking about starting a car rental system, keep reading to know the must-have features in the app which will bring you success from the initial stage of your business.

Must-Have App Features

                Even though the features in the app seem to be very basic, they are very important to give an impressive layout for the booking system which is user-friendly and the design should help the users in booking the cabs via your platform effortlessly. Now in the market, we have lots of car rental clone scripts from which you can develop your software.

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Before choosing any rental scripts, make sure you get the following basic app functionality along with the cloned scripts.

  • Guide for the Users
  • Easy Sign-Up Process
  • Saving Location
  • Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Riding Flexibility
  • Car Type
  • Confirmation Notification
  • Ride Feedback
  • Ride List
  • Refer and Earn
  • Emergency Contact and Button
  • Additional Features to Make You Successful

Guide for the Users

                Every user while using a new app, get stuck at some point in understanding the features or moreover how the app works overall. This is where users will need guidance in using the app and knowing the features of your car rental booking software.

Easy Sign-Up Process

                Keep the signup process short and crisp. A lengthy signup process will frustrate the user which can make them back off from using your software. The registered account with the platform should be having minimalistic but mandatory information like Name, Email, Password and the Mobile number. This information will be used in sending the notification to the users when they make a booking.

Saving Location

                The location which the user selects often should be featured and saved for the easy accessibility when frequently booking destinations and routes. Automatically saving the location will help the users to just book the rides in one touch rather than often choosing the location.

Estimated Time of Arrival

                The application should show the options of choosing cab along the estimated time of arrival. Giving an estimated time of arrival will help the users to book the cab as per their preference and time constraints. If the estimated time of arrival is way too long, users can book a cab which is near to their location.

Riding Flexibility

                The car rental clone script application should give users the flexibility of fixing the time when they want to ride. The users should be given the option to book the ride right away or on a later date.

Car Types

                Not all the users will need the same type of car for traveling and the minimum number of passengers can also differ. Always provide users with different car types to choose from according to their requirement.

Confirmation Notification

                Users are to be notified about any updates and booking details which they give at the time of sign up. The driver, cab details will be sent as a notification to the users. Sometimes the users can book for others and will need the notifications to be sent to the other users. The application should have the feature to add the contact details of the person for whom the cab is booked.

Ride Feedback

                The motive of all the business is a continuous progression in expanding their business. This will be possible only with the improvements which the user feels. For this purpose, users should have an option to give feedback about the app, driver, ride rates, car types, etc.

Ride List

                Users should be able to view the history of their rides taken previously and the upcoming rides. This will help the users to keep track of all the rides booked and reserved by the users.

Refer and Earn

                Refer and earn is an easy way to capture the market and advertising about the application which is new in the market. Through the refer and earn, the users who are already using the platform can invite their peers to the platform. When the referred friend uses the referral code and registers with the platform, both the existing user and the referred user can earn a certain amount as coupon or discount. Users should be able to send the invitation via email or SMS or through the social networking platform. If you want to increase the traffic to your platform, don’t forget to add this feature.

Emergency Contact and Button

                For the safety and hassle-free rides, the platform should provide the users to add an emergency contact number with whom they can share the details of rides they take every time. This feature will be helpful to the users who will feel safe and confidence once they share their ride details to the trusted emergency number in just one touch.

Bonus Features to Make you Successful

  • Your platform should always have a professional skilled driver. Even if one ride by the user was unpleasant because of the driver, it will let down the image of your platform.
  • Target and start from the niche market before entering the market.
  • Availability of taxi services to the users.
  • Customers are likely to be happy when the waiting time is less.
  • Users should have the option of multiple payment methods - either through online or by cash.

Before launching and choosing the cab booking software, discuss your requirements and read our blog " benefits of car rental system "   your car rental system.